Businesses Need Support

We are all experiencing the beginning of some very worrying times, without knowing quite where or when it might end, and normal activities resume.

Most businesses are in a battle for survival. The knock on effect on employment both within companies and externally, for the companies/individuals that supply them, will undoubtedly be life-changing for many.

This makes us consider that any previous objective to build expensive infrastructure needs postponing e.g. cycle lanes in Harrogate. The focus should now be to what immediate changes can be made to support the businesses that serve their communities on so many different levels.

Surely now, all parking charges should be suspended indefinitely. We cannot know for sure how long any forced lockdown will last, and of course we want every one to stay safe but one can only assume that after a period, restrictions may be adjusted.

Hopefully this is when we can get back into our community, open our doors again and welcome customers back! It would seem absurd to charge people to park considering the losses every part of society will face.

In short we feel we would like to see our local council leaders at HBC and NYCC lead us through this crisis, and use every tool at their disposal to mitigate the affects we are all feeling.

Stay safe everyone, let us be a supportive community.

Nicholas Richardson

About the author

Editor - Independent Harrogate


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