BID CLUB MEETING, West Park Hotel, Tuesday 28th January at 6pm

Independent Harrogate have been asked to invite those of you that are levy payers to meet the new board to hear your views on what BID’s priorities should be for the town. 

Now we have a large representation of independent businesses, BID can now make a difference and spend your money wisely.

The new director of the Convention Centre – Paula Lorimer, is working closely with Independent Harrogate and we are delighted to hear that the ‘Conservative Spring Forum’ is coming to Harrogate in April.

Eileen Christie is launching a new guide to Harrogate which our group may be interested in. Details HERE

Independent Harrogate continues to work hard bringing all groups together and help them make the right decisions for the prosperity of the town. 

We will up date you as issues develop but please let us have your thoughts and ideas.

Thank you!

About the author

Editor - Independent Harrogate


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